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What Makes a Great Website Design November 11, 2015

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The Basics

As a designer, I see the importance not only of creating a design that looks aesthetically pleasing but also creating informative content that can help the user. When designing a website, I first look at the branding of the business. In order to start designing, I must understand whether the website is going to be a single/scroll page or a multi-page based on the feel of the business and what my client wants. I must understand whether I am going to be creating more of an artistic piece or a more professional-looking design. At this stage, I may also browse the web for sites that are similar to what I am looking to create. While doing all of these steps, I keep in mind my target audience. Don’t forget that you are creating a website not for yourself, but for other people.

In creating a website, I often encourage clients to use pictures and videos to tell their stories. People are more interested in looking at pictures than trying to read small print on a screen – especially since many people are now accessing websites from their mobile devices. This leads me to another point in website design. When creating a website design, it is important to make it responsive. This means that the website can be viewed on multiple types of devices.

Let’s look at Apple‘s website. Apple‘s website has a relatively simple design but is outstanding. The design is aesthetically pleasing by using minimal text, and it holds large images and videos. The website uses the brand message that Apple wants to convey to their users: Apple devices are simple and easy to use. And what do you know…Apple‘s mobile version is very simple as well.

So, what have we learned about web design? First, when designing a website make sure to include content that users want to see – usually this includes pictures and videos. Second, understand the brand – use branding throughout the website. Last but not least, always keep the target audience in mind – remember who you are designing for.

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