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Coding Programs for Website Design December 22, 2015

Have you ever built a website? Well, if you have, you know that finding the right program to use can be challenging. Below are some of the most popular coding programs I have used. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will be able to decide which program is best for you.

Coding Programs:

Adobe Dreamweaver – Dreamweaver is a program that comes with the Adobe Creative Cloud software. Many people who have already purchased Creative Cloud will use Dreamweaver to create websites from scratch. Dreamweaver can be a great tool, especially with its handy tools provided on the right hand column that will help make sure your website is aligned properly. Dreamweaver also color codes the text that you type, making the code easy to read. The downside of Dreamweaver is that when your website is big, the program can be slow. Also, when websites are built in Dreamweaver, browsers do not always match what Dreamweaver’s preview looks like.

TextWrangler – TextWrangler is a great application to use when designing websites. It is fast and easy to use. TextWrangler is very similar to using a text-editing software, but it colors your text to make it easier to read. The only downside of TextWrangler is that lines continue on if you don’t hit enter and line things up yourself. However, with this being my only complaint, it is a great program.

Sublime Text – Sublime Text is very similar to TextWrangler and has many of the same features. Sublime is also very easy to use. You may get annoyed by a pop-up that asks you to purchase a version of Sublime Text, but other than that, you will probably love what Sublime Text has to offer.

While you can use a simple text-editor on your computer, I highly recommend using a coding program to build your websites. Coding programs help to keep your code clean and organized. Also, most coding programs have code hints that help you get your code completed when you are in a pinch to get a project done.

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