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Content You May Not Have Thought About November 29, 2015

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Are you tired of creating the same type of content day after day? Many of us bloggers get bored posting only written content and maybe a few pictures. I went on a search to find how to make content stand out and look different. I stumbled upon a blog on HubSpot Blogs titled “14 Unique Types of Content Every Marketer Should Try.” This blog post created by Allyson Galle talks about the many different forms of content one can use on their blog or website in order to make it more appealing to the audience.

The first thing that Galle mentioned are animated GIFs. When we think of animations we often think of movies or cartoon characters. However, using animated GIFs, such as on a chart, can really help to get a message across to an audience. Animations also allow for interaction with the audience, gaining their attention.

Another form of content that Galle talks about in her blog is content/concept visualizations. Often times we forget to include visualization’s in our presentations. Visualizations help to easily get the message across to the audience. By having charts and layouts instead of just listing statistics, the audience can get a better understanding of what you are trying to say.

The last thing I would like to mention that Galle points out is the wonderful SlideShare presentations. SlideShare presentations are just like powerpoint presentations, but embedded into your website. SlideShares can help explain instructions and also help get your point across by not giving the audience a lot of information at one time. If you do create a SlideShare, make sure that the audience member knows that it is a slideshow and not just an advertisement or static image.

I encourage you to check out the blog “14 Unique Types of Content Every Marketer Should Try.” to see what other types of content may be helpful for you to include in your website.

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