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Designing a CD Jewel Box Case

Designing a CD Jewel Box Case January 4, 2016

Just recently I had the opportunity of designing a CD jewel box case for a client. The design process was quite different than any other project I have worked on. I have to say, designing a jewel box case can be very tricky.

Steps of Designing a CD Jewel Box Case

The first thing that must be done when designing a CD jewel case is to find out the correct dimensions. CD jewel cases come in numerous shapes and sizes. In order to make sure that you are designing for the right size, make sure you ask your client for the type of CD jewel case they are using. If you begin designing before knowing the dimensions, you will probably find yourself going back to revise. Save your time and get the dimensions before starting.

Secondly, do research about the music. Based on the music that the case will hold will most likely determine the style of the design and the type of font that you will be using. For example, for classical music I may use a cursive font and for a hard rock album I may use a gothic font. The style of music will change your design.

Thirdly, begin to draw out your design. Because jewel box cases often have illustrations, the project will probably take you a good amount of time. Don’t forget to ask your client if they have any ideas before you begin designing. This could help to save you some time.

Once you have made a few sketches, take what you have done to the computer. Remember that jewel cases can take time due to creating a cover, back, spine, and possibly even an inside design. For an example of a jewel case design, check mine out at

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