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Designing Under Pressure November 14, 2016

Working as a graphic designer, I have learned the many stereotypes assigned to graphic designers. Many people think that to make a correction to an image, it will take just a few minutes. Or, people think that being a graphic designer means that you are just an artist and create art pieces on the computer.

I am writing this post to break the stereotype of what graphic designers do and teach people what graphic designers do on a daily basis.

Graphic Designer Stereotypes

Many graphic designers work for businesses or complete freelance work from their home. In completing projects, graphic designers use many different types of software programs. These programs in themselves can take minutes to boot up on the computer due to their size. One of the most common stereotypes that graphic designers get is that it is easy to make a simple correction. Some “simple” corrections can take hours to do.

When designers start a project, they also don’t just start right on the computer. Usually, graphic designers spend hours brainstorming and sketching. In the end, this usually saves the designer time and it saves the client money.

I have been in many situations where a client tells me that they need a project completed within a few hours or by the end of the day. While I try my best to satisfy the client, I have to be honest at times and say that it is unrealistic for me to complete a project within such a short notice. When a designer rushes, as in any other job, this often leads to errors.

While I love designing stationary items and websites for businesses and individuals, it can often be stressful depending on the constraints proposed by the client. Regardless of whether you have Design Cache or other graphic design firms do your graphic design work, please know the process and dedication we give to provide good looking designs!

Paul Markovits Design Cache Owner

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