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iPad Pro Review December 16, 2015

Are you interested in drawing? Do you like to take notes by hand instead of using the computer? Are you looking for a way to be more organized? Well, the new iPad Pro that Apple recently released may be the device for you.

iPad Pro

Today, for the first time, I got my hands on the iPad Pro. The device is not just your everyday iPad. Apple has introduced a stylus called the Pencil that users can pair with the iPad. The Pencil is extremely accurate. A friend of mine who is an artist said that he thought using the Pencil on the iPad Pro was actually easier to use than a notepad and a normal pencil!

Who would have thought that a device could be used so seamlessly. I do not think people were aware of the new technology that was coming to the market to help artists, graphic designers, and creatives. The iPad Pro isn’t just for those who want to draw or design. Let’s look at some of the awesome features of the new iPad and the Pencil that every person would benefit from if they had this incredible device in their hands.

A Few iPad Pro Features:

  • Use the iPad Pro to take notes and have your notes converted to typed words. Have you ever taken notes in class and wished that they were typed on the computer so they would appear more legible? Well, with the iPad Pro, you don’t have to retype your notes. Just install an app, and let the device do the work.
  • Use the iPad for entertainment. With the large screen and great resolution, the device is the perfect place to view entertainment.
  • Doodle. Do you ever feel like you want to draw on something but don’t want to waste paper? Well, with the iPad, you can draw and erase with the tip of your finger…literally.

What I have listed are just a few great ways of using the iPad Pro to its full potential. While the iPad Pro can put a burden on the wallet, it has a lot of great features that can help keep you more organized and on top of your work. And of course, it can provide a great entertainment device.

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