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Website: Christine Goldbeck Color Your Life

Color Your Life website went live on September 29th, 2016. We began this project a few months prior, working with the client’s budget. We also worked with the client’s schedule to design an e-commerce website that would allow her to sell her artwork and photography online. During the design stage, we researched high quality WordPress themes.  By doing so, we have allowed Christine, the artist, to have the ability of uploading her artwork with ease. We incorporated PayPal payment and secured the website with an SSL certificate. At Design Cache, we strive to create secure websites. We strive to make our clients’ sites undisrupted by unwanted visitors. In addition, we make sure to secure e-commerce websites with an SSL certificate that encrypts customer’s data. By doing so, one can be sure that a customer’s credit card information and identity will not be stolen.

Visit the Christine Goldbeck, MFA-IA Website: Color Your Life

Christine Goldbeck creates paintings and takes photographs. Christine Goldbeck runs an art studio at the Millworks in Harrisburg, PA. Her artwork includes abstract pieces and also many that picture nature and landscapes. Please go and visit her studio and come back to her website to make a purchase!

Project Details

Client : Christine Goldbeck, MFA-IA
Date : September 29, 2016
Skills : Web Design
Address :

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