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Hyatt Regency (Hotels & Resorts) Print Flyer

For this project, BTC hired Design Cache to make copy and photographic edits to a print flyer for Hyatt Regency.

Hyatt Regency (Hotels & Resorts) requested improvements to their print flyer. Our first task was to improve the copy to clearly indicate the message of the advertisement. To do so, we ensured that the flyer had a proper call to action for the viewers. Also, we made contact and additional information readily available on the ad. Next, we looked at the photography and improved the colors and effects to grab the viewer’s interest. Design Cache wanted to ensure that the reflection of the building on the water was vibrant and that it was the first element that catches your eye.

Project Details

Client : Hyatt Regency through BTC Marketing
Skills : Advertisements, Flyer
Address :

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