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It’s a Process, Website Design December 18, 2016

Recently, I had someone ask me about the process I went through to build a website. I thought this information would be helpful to share on the Design Cache blog!

A Long Process

Building a website is a long process. The nice thing about building a website is that you can make it as complicated as you would like. Because I suggest that my clients use the WordPress platform, I will answer your question in this regard.


First and foremost, I create wireframes. Wireframes are sketches/drawings that show what the website will look like. During this stage, it is important to determine the number of pages the website will have. In addition, the nomenclature for the navigation should be decided during this phase. As a designer, I try to have as much of the work done and planned out before actually going to the computer. This often saves my client money while saving me the stress and time of fixing mistakes down the road.

Choose a Theme

Once I have wireframed the website to how my client wants their website layed out, I begin to search for themes. WordPress themes can be found at numerous different locations. My first stop is often themeforest. As I search for a theme, I make sure to note whether the theme has e-commerce capability or other important features that were determined to be necessary from the wireframes.

Once I find a theme, it is time to upload the theme to my server/host and get started. If you have trouble uploading the WordPress theme, I recommend contacting your host provider to see if they can help you. After the theme is uploaded, make sure that you complete the customization section of the website first. This will start to shape your website with a few clicks. After this is done, and you have uploaded content, you may want to install the Yoast plugin or other plugins that allow you to customize the site with widgets, ect.


Every WordPress theme is different depending on the builder that is utilized. Saying this, as a designer, I often have to just play around and learn the particular builder if I am unaware of its capabilities. However, the more you build websites, the easier it is to learn the building platforms.

Once I complete the website, I will check in with my client and test the site with search engines. In addition, I will make sure that all of the links are connected properly. There is so many ways to customize a site that I cannot possibly explain every aspect. However, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me through my website at Design Cache.

Paul Markovits Design Cache Owner

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