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Marketing Mistakes to Avoid as an eCommerce Business

Marketing Mistakes to Avoid as an eCommerce Business Marketing your business can be tough, especially if you are trying to...
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The Evolution of Graphic Design!

Evolution of Graphic Design In today’s world, it becomes hard to imagine life without technology. Just think about research, communication...
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Design Cache Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

Congratulations to Stephanie Marshall who was awarded the Design Cache Entrepreneurial Spirit Award at Lebanon Valley College during Inquiry 2017! Design...
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It’s a Process, Website Design

Recently, I had someone ask me about the process I went through to build a website. I thought this information...
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How to Charge for Website Designs (a Review)

As the owner of Design Cache, I was asked the following question and thought it would be beneficial to share:...
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Website Critique for Gift Idea HQ

Website Critique As the owner of Design Cache, I was asked to provide feedback for the website http://www.giftideahq.com. It was...
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Designing Under Pressure

Working as a graphic designer, I have learned the many stereotypes assigned to graphic designers. Many people think that to...
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The Power of Websites

Websites are one of the most importance advertisement pieces a business can have. Not only does a website share information...
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Website Backup

Don't forget to backup! "Let's go live with the site." This is the first thing I hear my clients tell...
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WordPress or HTML Website?

Making a Decision Have you as an individual or your business ever wanted to create a website and couldn't decide...
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Difference: WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org December 21, 2015

What’s the difference? Should you start a WordPress.com website or a WordPress.org website? Many people ask, what’s the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? Being a web designer, I have used both WordPress.com and WordPress.org, and there are definitely advantages and disadvantages of each, for they are both two very different website building platforms. Below, I will cover some of the main differences that I find important to know about the two different platforms. Let’s start off by talking about WordPress.com….

Favorite WordPress Plugins November 24, 2015

WordPress Plugins to the Rescue WordPress plugins are pre-structured code made by developers for people to use on their WordPress website. Plugins help your website go to the next level, whether this be increasing your SEO rank, to making your website look more aesthetically pleasing, or to incorporate social media buttons into your site. WordPress plugins are a great way to enhance your website and make it more usable. WordPress has a ton of plugins that can help you add…

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