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The Design Process November 23, 2015

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Behind the Scenes of the Design Process

Many people think graphic designers just go on their computer and quick draw up a logo or design.  Let me tell you, it’s not that easy. Many people don’t understand the process designers go through to get you the design that you desire. Today, I would like to take you through my design process to give you a better idea of the steps designers go through to deliver a final product.

  1. Designers will often meet with their clients face to face or over a phone call in order to find out what their client wants. Designers must make sure to understand what the client wants in order to create the design.
  2. After conferring with the client, the designer can begin thinking of ideas. I often think of ideas while sitting at the dinner table or while reading a book. However, I also take the time to jot down some of my ideas and come up with some rough sketches.
  3. Once a designer finishes doing some rough sketches, often times a larger rough sketch is created. Remember, this all takes a lot of time.
  4. After the sketches are completed, they are sent off to the client to get approval to begin the digital design.
  5. Once approved or adjusted, the designer will either scan the image to begin working or start drawing the design on the computer. Their are many different softwares designers can use. Saying this, it takes years of experience in order to understand the softwares and learn them in order to create good-looking designs.
  6. During the design process, the designer must understand the use of color, figure-ground relationships, proximity, and many other aspects. Especially if the client needs certain colors, the designer must understand the printing process and how to use Pantone color books.
  7. After the design is completed, the designer will then send the design off to be critiqued by the client.
  8. Once the designer receives feedback, the designer opens up the file once again and begins editing.
  9. Finally, once everything is exactly how the client wants it, the design is sent off to the client for them to use.

As you can see, graphic designing is not that simple. Also, graphic designing is not just for artists. I, myself, was not a very good artist; however, I have come to love creating designs on the computer. If you have any question about the design process or would like some help with the softwares that designers use, please let me know. I am happy to help anyone interested in getting started with graphic designing.

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