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The Freedom of Design and Expression November 12, 2015

American Flag - Design and Expression

A Tribute Designed for Veterans

I am thankful to live in a country in which I can start up my own business and reap it’s benefits. Today I would like to especially thank the veterans who have served in the United States military for their service and for giving me and my fellow designers the freedom to design.

In America, as a designer, I have the ability to design many different illustrations. That is what is great about freedom of expression. Whether I am designing for another business or for a political campaign, I am able to design and express my ideas and designs freely. In addition to being able to design illustrations and projects, I am able to obtain ownership of my own work through trademarks and copyrights. I thank veterans for the ability that designers have to own what is rightfully theirs.

I especially thank my grandfather, who was in the 4th infantry division of the army during World War II. My grandfather was an entrepreneur at heart and loved coming up with new ideas. He started his own construction/road sign business and created other products to sell in local stores. I learned from him to never give up. He always would say “It can be done.” When I am in a time of struggle I remember those words.

Thank you veterans for giving me and my fellow entrepreneurs the freedom to express our ideas and make ideas come to life.

Paul Markovits Design Cache Owner

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