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The Social Media Answer: Hootsuite November 10, 2015

Hootsuite - the social media answer

“Manage social networks, schedule messages, engage your audiences,
and measure ROI right from the dashboard.” ~ Hootsuite

Hootsuite – your latest social media answer to saving you time.

I was recently introduced to Hootsuite, a platform that allows you to post on numerous social media sites at the same time, which I also believe to be the social media answer to creating easy updates. The free version allows you to monitor three different social media sites simultaneously. This program can save you so much time – you no longer need to sign in to each account individually. Just sign in to Hootsuite and walla! One of the neatest features of Hootsuite is that you can tell Hootsuite when to publish your post. If you are going to be away on vacation, don’t stop posting – use Hootsuite to keep your site updated.

If you own a business, this is one of the first social media recommendations I would suggest. Hiring someone to run your social media platforms can get expensive. In order to reduce costs and get your name out there, try using HootsuiteHootsuite allows you to see different streams on social media. By viewing different streams all in one platform, you can see what is happening in real time on all the different sites. This allows you to be ahead of your competitors and target your audience.

If you are an individual, I also encourage you to check out Hootsuite. Maybe you want to reach all your friends at the same time. Or maybe you want to send an invite out about your birthday? Hootsuite will save you a lot of time logging in and out of different social media sites.

If you purchase Hootsuite, check out the analytics feature. This will allow you to view who has visited your post and could help you target your audience if you need to advertise.

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