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Typography December 18, 2015

Typography – Can’t Find the Right Style?

Are you searching for a unique font but just can’t find one that you like? Check out Creative Blog’s “font of the day” page. Creative Blog offers a blog post every day about a different font. They feature numerous unique fonts that bring freshness to the typography world. Often times, I find myself searching for a font that will match exactly what I want. With Creative Blog’s posts, you are sure to find a font that will help to give you some ideas.

Typography is one of the most important design elements when creating projects. Typography helps give meaning and style to a project. Usually, words are the most important part of a design. In projects, words help to share information and get the creator’s point across. What gets the creator’s point across even more so, is the font style that is applied.

There are thousands and thousands of fonts available. Within each font family, there are styles. Fonts range from being bold, to thin, to regular, to medium…you name it. When deciding what font to use, you have to decide on the characteristics of a font. Would you like a handwritten style, calligraphy style, gothic style, ect. There are so many different types of font styles and each font has it’s own special characteristics. Also, when deciding what font to use, make sure to note whether the font is a serif or a sans serif font. Depending on the font that you use will help to get your message across.

I cannot stress enough how important font styles are when creating a project. On the web, you can find many different examples of fonts. Check out the fonts on Creative Blog’s site and think about what type of font will fit your next project. Don’t settle for the ordinary!

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