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What Content Equals Good Content November 22, 2015

Good Content

Good Content Types

With the increasing “smartness” of computers, there is an endless amount of good content types that can be posted on your website. However, which ones are the most effective and how should they be used? Below I examine a few different forms of content that may help make your website more interesting and appealing.

Videos: This is by far my favorite form of content. Many people would agree. Videos allow the audience to see into the lives of others. Videos express emotion and visuals that can not be displayed through text or images. While creating videos is probably the most expensive form of content, it is often worth your time, money, and effort.

Images: Images are the second form of content I would like to talk about. Images help give people a visual. Even when I am graphic designing, I try and give people a rough sketch of what I am going to create for them. Why do I do this? Because it is just easier for people to visualize the final product. If I was to explain a project in words, I am not able to get all of my ideas across. Secondly, words can be misinterpreted. For example, my idea of a crazy art piece may be your idea of a beautiful art piece. For this reason, I recommend using images over words.

Words: While I just mentioned all of the minuses of using words for content, there are certain situation when I would recommend using words. For example, if you have to get information to your audience. In order to make the information appealing, try using a neat-looking font. If you have the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, I highly recommend checking out Adobe Typekit! Another instance in which I highly recommend using words is when you want people to be able to make different interpretations; for instance, the words used in a poem.

Voice Recordings: I feel like voice recordings are often over-looked when talking about content. However, I think voice recordings can often be helpful or intriguing to an audience. After all, look how much people enjoy listening to music. By posting voice recordings, people can often multi-task, allowing them to listen to your content while doing something else instead of putting your content off completely.

While I have thrown you a lot of information about types of content, I think creating good content for your website and social media accounts is important. It is especially important to keep your content updated. There are many other forms of good content out there. If you can think of any, please feel free to comment and continue the discussion.

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