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Difference: WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org December 21, 2015

What’s the difference?

Should you start a WordPress.com website or a WordPress.org website? Many people ask, what’s the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? Being a web designer, I have used both WordPress.com and WordPress.org, and there are definitely advantages and disadvantages of each, for they are both two very different website building platforms. Below, I will cover some of the main differences that I find important to know about the two different platforms.

Let’s start off by talking about WordPress.com. WordPress.com is a website building platform that uses preset templates. These templates are mainly used for blog sites. Anyone can host their website through WordPress.com and purchase their own domain name that will take off the “wordpress.com” at the end of their website URL. WordPress.com is liked by many bloggers and students because it is an easy way to put information online at a low cost. The downside of WordPress.com is that there are limited customizable options. You are often stuck using preset colors and cannot change the location of widgets or a plugin’s short code.

So, who should use WordPress.com? I would recommend that anyone who would like to learn about starting a website, WordPress.com is a good place to begin. Also, if you are only creating a website to blog, WordPress.com is probably going to be your best option.

WordPress.org is an entirely different platform. WordPress.org allows account administrators to change the back-end php files and any other files included within a theme. Saying this, you would need to know a little about web language before using WordPress.org. WordPress.org does not host websites: you will need a host provider in order to use WordPress.org. For this reason, creating a WordPress.org website is more expensive than building a WordPress.com website. WordPress.org allows you to upload themes that you find aesthetically pleasing. The uploaded themes can then be customized to pretty much whatever you would like. With WordPress.org you have greater control than if you would have a WordPress.com website: you can change the theme’s colors, fonts, ect. to anything of your liking.

I highly recommend that businesses and individuals looking to build an online presence check out WordPress.org. While you will most likely need to hire someone with web design experience, WordPress.org will allow you to create a website that is customizable and fitting to your business’s brand.

As I’m sure you have learned from this post, WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two very different platforms. I have only mentioned some of the major differences between the two, so if you have any questions about either of the platforms, please feel free to leave a comment.

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