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WordPress or HTML Website? August 25, 2016


Making a Decision

Have you as an individual or your business ever wanted to create a website and couldn’t decide how to start? Well, you are not the only one with that question. Over the years, technology has changed so drastically that it is difficult to keep up with the most recent design trends. Designing with the most recent softwares are crucial however due to the ongoing changes in search engines and system compatibilities. At one time, many websites were built using HTML. Now, there are so many different ways of building websites.

So, which platform is best for you? Well, let me explain the differences between the two different methods I am talking about and you can decide for yourself! An HTML website is a website built with code in the backend and often does not have near the features of a site built off of WordPress. Because HTML sites are built with code, it is extremely difficult to make changes…unless you are a coder that is. If you build a website using HTML, every time you need something changed, you will have to find a coder to make the changes.

That leads me to the benefits of the WordPress platform. The WordPress platform uses numerous different coding languages to create a content management system. This allows the user (even a non-designer) to edit the content. Should you have a designer build the WordPress site for you, most likely. Why? Well, when you build a website using WordPress, you purchase a theme that acts as a backbone. Saying this, often times some coding is still needed. Often, for certain customizations, a designer will have to write what is called “custom code.”

WordPress is a great platform that will allow businesses to save money as well! While you have to purchase a theme, the themes are relatively cheap ranging from approximately $15 – $100.  The cost of the WordPress theme will be well worth the investment compared to having a designer build a website from scratch. However, the one downfall of purchasing a theme is that it can be difficult to perform certain customizations. Whenever I have clients ask me to build a WordPress website, I explain to them that we need to find a theme that appears to be close to their desired website. WordPress themes can be limited, which is part of the reason why some businesses decide to create a HTML website. While HTML websites are customizable, they lack a content management system and are usually more expensive.

To sum it up, if you can find a WordPress theme that will suit your needs, I highly recommend creating a WordPress site over a HTML site!

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