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You Can Design Too November 13, 2015

You Can Design Too - Design Cache

Many times I hear people say that they are not creative or that they do not have the skills to design. However, I would challenge you to think differently. Growing up, I had very little interest in design. Did I take some art classes? Sure. Did I enjoy art classes? No. Art was one of my least favorite classes because I saw other students making what I perceived to be masterpieces. I always thought that other students were more talented than I was.

It wasn’t until I got to college and took a design class that I realized that you do not have to be a good artist to be a good designer. The second thing I realized was that what one person perceives to be good may actually be considered a poor design by someone else. Is there design rules that one should follow? Yes. But does everyone’s designs need to look how you think it should? No. That is one reason why I enjoy design. Everyone has their own design style. In order to succeed in design, you just have to find people who like your style. Don’t get me wrong, this may not be easy. It takes time to find what kind of people value your work. But what I am saying is to not give up if you think your work is not top notch. Most likely, there is someone out there who likes your style.

I would also like to mention that designing on the computer is very different from creating art on a piece of paper or canvas. On the computer, you can always make adjustments and go back. This is not always the case when creating art pieces on physical materials. So maybe you don’t think you are a good artist, but I encourage you to use the computer to try and design, for you might just reveal a hidden talent.  As with all things, practice is key. Don’t give up after your first time at the computer. Take time to learn programs and follow tutorials on YouTube. If you don’t know where to begin, follow some of my beginner tutorials on the Design Cache YouTube Channel.

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